Saturday, September 25, 2010

Anna and Mat are getting married!

It's official!

After a romantic proposal atop the Empire State Building in New York (I know, sickening isn't it!) Anna and Mat are getting hitched.

The date has been set as March 12th, 2011, the venue is Zonzo restaurant at Train Trak winery in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. The ceremony is tentatively set for 5pm, but look out for your invitation in the post soon for more info.

Get ready for a beautiful ceremony, fabulous food (the pizzas are to die for) and a memorable evening with family and friends.

(PS: As unofficial wedding coordinator it's me, Jess Smith, that's running this blog. Looking forward to seeing you all there!)

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  1. Great Blog site Jess, I also really like the photos you've chosen.
    You're doing a great job as official/unofficial co-ordinator